About Us

Coco Beach Tanning Salon is committed to providing the best tanning experience every time you walk through our doors.

Started in 1976, as Tanning World, Coco Beach is arguably Simi Valley’s oldest tanning salon. But, don’t let the age fool you into thinking the salon is outdated. In early 2010, new owners purchased the salon to turn it into Simi Valley’s premier tanning salon. They moved the location to expand the salon, and they purchased new and state of the art equipment to better serve the residents of Simi Valley.

The new owners also realized that Coco Beach was the most affordable tanning salon in Simi and are committed to providing excellence in tanning at a price point affordable to everyone. Tanning should be one of those luxuries that we can all enjoy.

Come to Coco Beach and get a quality tan at the salon with the best atmosphere, best equipment, and the best customer service at a price you can afford.